Well I have just started another series-the Royle Sisters, by Kathryn Caskie. Truthfully I haven't really read any novels by this author, but I was surprised by the style of writing. I have read the first installation to the novels and currently on the second installation. Well the really cool thing is the turn of events that started the novel was well written. It makes you want to get into the story, it brings you there. It starts with the death of their "father" the country physician, who happen to not be who they expected. Apparently he was actually a physician to their real father, and unbelievably upon the death of their real mother- during childbirth- he ended up taking them to the country and grew them up as his own.

         Fast forward to the future, the sisters decided to take matters into their own hands  to the oldest decided that she is fancy herself in love with the war hero, viscount and that he is her future intended, not knowing that his brother the Duke will hear nothing of the sort.  He will make sure no fortune-hunting country miss  will take advantage of his little brother and takes it upon himself to stop at nothing to make sure that, that precise situation will not come about no matter what he has to do.

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