Writing and Literature

We all as women, from the time we were kids, we were taught that someday our prince will come charging on a white horse, to save the delicate princess in her castle, awaken her with a kiss, and then live happily ever after. We were also told that someday we would find our soul-mate, that one person placed on this earth just for you.  Well in real life, our hopes and dreams don't always  correspond to our fantasies. Which is one of the reasons we love to read books. To escape to a time and space, where-for just a little while, real life doesn't really exist. The only existence then, are the words on the page, the story yet to unfold....

Love Mysteries

This site is dedicated to giving our readers out there a chance to get romance books in PDF, DOC and LIT formats for free.  We have also a list of books that we currently have in soft copy.  We all love cuddling with a good book, why stop now?   If you don't see the Romance book you looking for in the directory send us a comment giving us the title, author and year of publication and we will try to find that book for you. The site will be updated weekly.  After your request, we will try to send your book to you within 48 hours.  

Lisa Kleypas, Hathaway Series.

After a series of unlikely events, a young man inherits dukedom, and now has the means to care for his family of 4 sisters, But his sisters, who lived all of their existence in in the country are no match for the haute ton.  Each sister has startling characteristics that would make her truly an unconventional candidate for the marriage mart, not to mention the elusive battle that affects the newly appointed Duke............. 

The Royle Series By Kathryn Caskie

 This series is about three sisters that happen to be triplets- a different way of portraying a series in my book-  are shrouded in mystery.   After the death of their father, they began their quest to determine their true heritage. They must face a really unbelievable history of events that shaped their lives and brought them to existence.