Well I have completed both How To Engage an Earl and How To Propose to A Prince, and I have to say that I feel that while I have been left pondering how is it that the Author Katheryn Caskie could end the final chapter like that, making it seem like there is a possibility for some sort of sequel. Really and truly of the trilogy I found the third installment -How to Propose to A Prince most exciting to read, because its hot steamy and because it had the most intrigue.  It was like all the other books before built you up for the grand finale.

With Anne's character, I can almost relate, I know everyone has a moment when they just want to be invisible but this girl took it to another level. Who would've thought that trying to be invisible could have such dire consequences? She ended up catching the eye of the tons most notorious rake.  Then obligated -after being caught in a compromising position- to be engaged to him but only as the most elaborate way to impress someone else.........Crazy isn't it?

In the novel How to Propose to A Prince, Elizabeth dreamed herself married to the Prince who has plans to wed the Princess of England.   Even with everyone -including her sisters-  saying that her dream was probably misinterpreted she stood her ground when everything around was proving otherwise.

It was a good read even though I was kinda pissed in the end when it was explained the actual mystery behind the birth if the triplets. All in all i give these books a 7/10 rating.

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