So I decided on a little change from the Historical Romance to a Contemporary Romance, Thriller. And  I have to tell you it was different and surprisingly entertaining. i had you questioning the chapters from beginning to end.

Well it starts with a young woman running away from her home town after somehow escaping a mental institution. Apparently she has been either witness to or a participant in her father's death- and loosing her memory at that critical moment. Seeing how she and her mother- being abused repeatedly by her husband- have equal motive for wanting her father dead, are both prime suspects.  Enter her loyal husband, who also wants her back at any cost and uses the t.v. media to insinuate that she is mentally unstable. And who also have something to do with why she  was in the mental institute in the first place.

So, Sally decides to run off to the only other family she figures would help her, her aunt Amabel. Amabel is a sweet lady who lives kinda like a hippie in a very small town, very picturesque town, of The Cove that boasts of the World's Greatest Ice Cream. That is truly made up of only senior citizens.

Enter a cute young Private Investigator that just starts asking questions of an old couple that just happen to have went missing 3 years ago after visiting the same town. All the citizens that are questioned about their mysterious disappearance, starts acting quite strange all stating they haven't seen them, having never met them and all lying. Quite strange to P.I. to witness collective amnesia where these missing folk are concerned.

Sally starts doubting her sanity when she starts receiving calls from her dead father, then it gets stranger when a body turns up being washed up on shore. So you know it all goes down hill from there. In a town that also boast no crime for a body to show up, and also being a body of a young woman, things just start getting stranger and stranger.

What is going on in this little town, how is it possible that Sally's father calling her, how is the town so prosperous with senior citizens where there are no jobs?  Is this town as really as crime-free as the citizens would have you believe? Who really killed Sally's father? Why was she in a mental institution if she wasn't crazy? Who really put her there?

You wouldn't really believe the way this story ends. You will never look at grandma the same way again.

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